Network Information

Network access at the 77th MPEG/20th JVT meeting:

WiFi-enabled network access will be provided throughout the meeting location.

Additionally, a limited number of Ethernet plugs (RJ45) will be available to delegates in all meeting rooms, especially in the main auditorium. Furthermore, there are several Ethernet plugs throughout the university which are available to delegates also. It is recommended to bring your own Ethernet cable enabling you to have a wired connection wherever you see an Ethernet plug with the logo.

In either case, in order to get access to the Internet delegates have to log in at a local gateway (detailed information will be provided) with the usual MPEG username and password combination.

For delegates who wish to access their (company) VPN (Virtual Private Network), the following possibilities are available: IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) with NAT (Network Address Translation) traversal and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) tunneling. Please note that native IPSec and PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) are not supported.

In case you experience any network troubles please make sure that the browser proxy is deactivated and that you have administrative rights on your computer allowing for trouble shooting on site by our network/computer specialists. Furthermore, a number of Linux Knoppix CD-ROMs will be available for delegates if the worst comes to the worst.

Network HowTo


WiFi-enabled (Wireless Fidelity Standard) network access is provided throughout the meeting location. Additionally, a limited number of Ethernet plugs (RJ45) is available to delegates in all meeting rooms and in public places throughout the university campus (see Wired LAN below).

All network access methods mentioned above require authentication at the ZID-Connect system of the Klagenfurt University. Please follow these steps to connect your computer to the campus network and the Internet:

Wireless access

  1. Make sure that your computer does not automatically connect to ad-hoc networks, but only to infrastructure networks (see below for help instructions regarding Windows XP).
  2. Let your WLAN client connect to the ZID-Connect wireless network. IP address and network information will be assigned automatically by DHCP. Note that the SSID will be broadcasted and it is not necessary to enter this information manually.
  3. Continue with authentication using ZID-Connect (see below).

Wired access

  1. Connect your computer to one of the provided RJ45 Ethernet plugs. IP address and network information will be assigned automatically by DHCP.
  2. Continue with authentication using ZID-Connect (see below).

ZID-Connect Authentication

  1. Start your Web browser and enter the following URL:
  2. Enter the current MPEG or JVT username/password combination.
  3. After successful login, you are connected to the campus network and to the Internet.


ZID-Connect authorization records will be deleted automatically once a night. So please repeat the ZID-Connect authentication procedure every morning. If you are working at night, please be prepared to re-authenticate at the ZID-Connect system if it happens that you loose network connectivity.

Additional Network Information

Wired LAN

Compliance: IEEE 802.3u (100 Mbps Fast Ethernet), RJ 45 connectors. All Ethernet plugs (RJ45) marked with the ZID-Connect logo (see below) may be used by delegates to access the wired network as described above. Please bring your own Ethernet cable if you plan to use the wired network infrastructure.

Wireless LAN

Please follow the network access procedure described above to access wireless LAN at the campus.

WLAN Availability

  • All MPEG meeting rooms including the main auditorium (HS A)
  • Registration desk area
  • Aula (Buffet, Demo Session)
  • E.1.41 (Computer Room)

WLAN Security

The campus WLAN infrastructure does not support any WLAN security mechanisms (like WEP, WPA, IEEE 802.1x/EAP) during the time period of the MPEG meeting. Thus, please make sure to use appropriate end-to-end security protocols (like SSL/TLS) to transmit sensitive data via WLAN. In particular, do not use clear-text protocols like IMAP or HTTP to access your e-mail account – use IMAPS or HTTPS instead.

WLAN Compliance

  • IEEE 802.11b/g

Do not use WLAN for Presentations

If you are giving a presentation in one of the meeting rooms and need to access the network for presentation purposes, it is recommended to use the wired infrastructure as it provides higher bandwidth and reliability.

Troubleshooting WLAN Problems on Windows XP Clients

  • Help avoiding ad-hoc networks: on Windows XP with SP2, right-click on the wireless connection icon in the notification area or in the Network connections folder to display the Choose a wireless network dialog; click on Change advanced settings.On the Wireless Networks tab of the Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog, click on Advanced Settings. In the Advanced Settings dialog, select the Infrastructure only option.
  • On the Wireless Networks tab of the Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog, make sure that the Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings option is enabled.
  • Do not enable any WLAN security mechanisms (see above) in the Wireless Network Properties dialog of the ZID-Connect network. In particular, on the Association tab of the Wireless Network Properties dialog, set the Network Authentication option to Open, and the Data Encyption option to Disabled. On the Authentication tab, do not enable IEEE 802.1x authentication.
  • Make sure that the TCP/IP properties of your wireless network adaptor are set to obtain IP address and DNS server addresses automatically (via DHCP).
  • Deactivate any HTTP proxy settings: choose Internet Options in the Tools menu of Internet Explorer, go to the Connections tab, and click on LAN settings; make sure that both the Automatic configuration and the Proxy server options are disabled.
  • Activate cookies in your web browser. For Internet Explorer, go to the Privacy tab of the Internet Options dialog, and set the slider to position Medium (default).

Computer Room (E.1.41)

The PCs available in the computer room are running an English version of Windows XP. Please login with the current MPEG username/password combination.

Wireless LAN and a limited number of RJ45 connectors for wired network access with your notebook are also available in the computer room. Please use the procedure described in the section Network Access above to authenticate using ZID-Connect.

Technical Support

If you run into problems accessing the provided network infrastructure with your notebook, please contact our technical support staff at the registration desk.

Expect that the actions taken by the support staff will require administrator rights on your notebook.

In case that your notebook cannot be convinced to go on-line, the support staff can provide a Knoppix CD-ROM enabling you to boot a disk-less Linux system which should at least allow yourself to use the Internet.