77th MPEG AND 20th JVT MEETING: July 17-21, 2006 at Klagenfurt University, Austria

HOSTED BY: Department of Information Technology (ITEC)

Some impressions from the meeting, demo session, social event ...


July 21: Plenary closed at 9:40 p.m. The 77th MPEG meeting is over. See you all in Hangzhou.

July 10: latest news submitted to MPEG/JVT reflector

July 4: ON DEMAND Microelectronics AG will present a demo; meeting rooms updated

June 29: Meeting rooms updated (AhGs)

June 9: Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, IC 2 sponsors demo session

June 1: Adactus will present a demo

May 31: last day for early bird registration !!!

May 19: network information available

May 12: M3-Systems Research Lab will present a demo

May 10: DANAE, France Telecom, and Multimedia Lab will present a demo